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Welcome to TeraGroTM

TeraGro Inc. is a wholly Canadian, privately owned company that specializes in providing quality generic pest control products to agriculture, forestry and industrial vegetation management users throughout Canada.

TeraGro is the genesis of the Weed-Master company, which invented and marketed the WeedExTM Dandelion Bar, TotalExTM Grass and Weed Killer and various other lawn and garden pest control products throughout Canada from the 1950s until 2014. Those quality lawn care products are now available from Superior Control Products.

In 2008, the Company introduced and began selling generic glyphosate products for use in commercial markets. New in 2018 is TeraGroTM Triclopyr 480 herbicide, a generic version of the original formulation of triclopyr ester which was registered in Canada over 30 years ago, and is used in industrial and forestry weed and brush control applications. In 2020 and beyond, TeraGro expects to add other much-needed pest control products which will be available for use in various markets.

TeraGro is proud to be a provider of high quality generic pest control products at the best possible prices to Canadian users.

Thank you for considering us.

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